The Art of Media

As my final blog, I will write about the best medium that I believe communicates a message. It is a medium that expresses a feeling, everybody can understand, it has been present since the beginning of times, and has been part of globalization and has not stopped evolving ever since it started. This is the medium of food. Food is used when celebrating, when morning, when in love, and simply in order to enjoy time with someone else, among other things. Food helps one express how they feel personally and how they feel about another person. It is used as a medium not only to the people that consume it, but the people that prepare it as well. The moment when the food is cooked or consumed depends on the feeling or mood the person is in. For example, one might sometimes need comfort food, or might feel creative and invent new recipes, or simply one might be in the mood of eating healthy. This medium is very important in every society because beside the obvious of giving energy to live, it also defines a society and distinguishes one from another.

Food can be considered as part of globalization since it has been evolving by combining different types of cuisines. Based on the factors of globalization cuisine it is not new, it is uneven since people from different parts of the world have access to different techniques and ingredients (therefore, it is interpreted differently) and it happens at home because ever since one is little, one is surrounded with food. The type of cuisine from each society depends on their history, but as one moves around the globe, there aresome patters of the ingredients each part uses. Nonetheless, many chefs travel around the world in order to learn more about food and as a result, they are able to combine different cultures and create a new type of cuisine.

Another reason why food is considered to be a medium is because it is polysemy, it has multiple meanings and the consumer can interpret it in different ways. For example, for an American kid a bowl of rice can represent lunch, for a kid in an Indian tribe in South America it can represent the path to survive a couple of more days, and for an Italian chef it can represent a new ingredient to create art.

Cuisine is considered to be a form of communication and expression; it is art for the experts and future for people with low resources. Food is used to express moods, events, and represents societies around the world. Societies should appreciate it more and continue globalizing it in order to create new cuisines and traditions, and never stop the evolution of such and expressive and creative form of medium.


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